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THE ORIGINAL BAG DADDY is the BEST carrying device on the market. It makes it life easier by carrying your grocery bags, laundry bags, tools, buckets, laptop bags, duffle bags, camera bags, grocery baskets, AND MUCH MORE on your SHOULDER.
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The Problem The Original Bag Daddy Solves.

Have the thin handles on plastic grocery bags ever hurt your hands? 

The handles on recyclable bags are small and never fit past your bicep!

What if you could carry all of your bags and have one or two free hands? 
The Original Bag Daddy is the answer! 

Now you can transfer the weight from your fingers and arms to your shoulder and back.

What Does The Original Bag Daddy Carry?

The Original Bag Daddy is made for carrying plastic bags, grocery baskets, buckets, laundry baskets, reusable bags and much more. 

We hope you like it.

Why Would You Need The Original Bag Daddy?

Since the early eighties, people have carried plastic bags with thin handles.
In which time, the smartphone, tablet, TV, electric cars, and robots have evolved into essential parts of our everyday lives.

Yet, a task as simple as carrying bags has been tedious forever!
Why suffer the pain and loss of circulation from bags?
What if carrying bags wasn't such a hassle?
What if you could carry those bags hands-free?

Redness from plastic bags?

Don't do that ANYMORE!

1. Loop The Original Bag Daddy through the bag's handles.

2. Snap the buckle.

3. Lift it all onto your shoulder.

Great for public transportation.
We have designed a product with multiple uses. It could not be stronger and more compact. We are bringing forth a final design with functionality and enough style to appeal to the picky and savvy.

Who is The Original Bag Daddy?

The Original Bag Daddy is a brand that is home to the hungriest and most dedicated designers and marketers.
Innovate! ... This is what we love to do! 
To make sure The Original Bag Daddy is a sure shot, we stuck to these basic evaluation questions.
1. Is it functional?                              Yes!
2. Is it easy to use?                            Yes!
3. Is it attractive?                               Yes!
4. Is it reliable?                     Double Yes!
We turned those questions into standards.
These standards are how we produce a high quality product.

The Original Bag Daddy's History.

March 2015 - The idea of The Original Bag Daddy was conceived.

The idea of The Original Bag Daddy was developed when the designer needed to carry his kid and groceries to his third floor condo. He couldn't leave his 2 year old in the car while he went upstairs, and he couldn't leave his kid upstairs while he went back to the car. 
So, he would take off his belt, run it through the handles of all the bags, and throw it all onto his shoulder. 
Using this method, he could carry all the groceries, his kid, and have a free hand for his key.
So the design process began.

The First Sketch.
April 2015 - Research and Development /First Prototype. 
[The First Prototype.]
The First Prototype.
May 2015 - Provisional Patent Filed (The patent covers a independent carrying device that is meant to carry bags on your shoulder).
October 2015 - QC Testing.
The trustworthy and patented design has been tested repeatedly. We want to assure you that there isn't a more efficient way to manufacture, assemble, and distribute the best final product.
What we ended up with is the strongest and most efficient design yet.
November 2015 - Trademark Process began.
May 2016 - Non-Provisional Patent Filed.
As with all serious products, we have applied for a patent and registered the design. Design registration has been applied for. Serial registration # 62163892.
The Look of The Original Bag Daddy.
Feel cool and confident pulling out the most versatile and fashionable carrying device on the market. The Original Bag Daddy is the only device designed to carry any and many bags on your shoulder. 
Cool and Compact...See For Yourself!

Easily fits into any pocket.

Compact and lightweight.

Fits great in any purse or baby bag.

The Original Bag Daddy's Specs.

[The Specifications.]
The Specifications.

The Original Bag Daddy is a one-size-fit-all design. 
The Original Bag Daddy is approximately 38 inches long when unbuckled and 19 inches when buckled. The weight of The Original Bag Daddy is 3 ounces.


The Future of The Original Bag Daddy.
We at The Original Bag Daddy are looking towards the future and finding new uses for these products. We hope to make it a national brand and make it easily accessible to EVERYONE.
  1. Warranty
    90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We offer a Limited-Lifetime Warranty. REPEAT CUSTOMER? Send it back! We will be replace it for a flat fee of $4.00.
  2. Customer Loyalty
    We provide free offers, coupons, warranties, rebates, and other reward programs. The ultimate goal is a happy customer.
  3. Models
  4. Efficiency = Time and Money
    1. Acting or producing effectively with a minimum of waste, expense, or unnecessary effort. 2. Producing an effect with less energy. 3. Causing less waste or requiring less effort than comparable devices or methods.
  5. Disclaimer/Warning
    Please do not lift more than your doctor would recommend. In other words, do not try to be Superman or Superwoman. Our company is not responsible for injuries caused by any person using this product. Max load 45 lbs. Can it lift more weight? Yes! but The Original Bag Daddy should be inspected before each use. Any manufacturer defects should be reported and sent back to The Original Bag Daddy Headquarters.
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  1. Title 2
    Title 2

The mission is to put THE ORIGINAL BAG DADDY in every home. In return, we will donate a percentage of sales to help veterans and less fortunate families all around the U.S.
We have developed a product that is useful on any job site. Users can be sure they will get more uses out of THE ORIGINAL BAG DADDY HD than simple bags. Carry saws, welding equipment, buckets, ladders, tool belts, drill cases, HVAC equipment, lumber and even boxes.
We offer a Limited-Lifetime Guarantee on all of THE ORIGINAL BAG DADDY products. They are small enough to fit in your pocket but can hold over 45 lbs.
ORDER 24/7
We at The Original Bag Daddy are committed to answering any questions anytime. Customer service is our #1 priority.
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